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rant: at&t internet is the bane of my life

dont listen to any marketing scheme out there. at&t internet has got to be the most unreliable internet service I've ever had the misfortune of being zoned under, both at home and at my school apartment. Dont listen to the promotion on cheap prices. They increase your bills without telling you. I remember when I first moved in to my apartment last september and the monthly bill was $28 and by april it went up to $38. lol wut??? it wasnt what I signed up for! they have these promotions of $15 a month, but thats only for the first few months or something. Forget about loyalty to the brand, the longer you stay as customers the more they screw you over. 

In my apartment, the internet is overall slow and had disappeared multiple times, and we've called customer service and they said they checked and it seems to be working in their end so we have to keep annoying and calling for an actual person to come and check. We have had visits from the repair guy 3 times and it does get fixed each time, only to disappear the next month. They say its the wiring. Shouldnt it be fixed the first time they came over? Its obviously at&t being unreliable.

At home its worse, internet disappears every 5 minutes. Really annoying when you're trying to watch something online or playing a game. Just recently I was typing up a longass essay for a scholarship. Took hours. I guess you can say it was my fault for not saving it before I clicked submit, but I was tired and I just wanted to turn it in after editing it and double checking for errors. Then internet disappeared and the submission didnt go through... and by the time internet returned all my answers are gone. unsaved. I just want to scream. Of course, I was to blame for not saving it, but if at&t was reliable in the first place,   I   wouldnt have to worry.
PS.  I have to submit this post twice because guess what, the internet disappeared again!

saw Luan's at&t rant on youtube and I SHARE EVERY SENTIMENT!!

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